Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is a free-book? ?
Answer: Business Directory, Online Library and Online Marketing Platform.

  • Free-book is a name among billions of online and offline shops, various service organizations and merchants.
  • Free-book releases of all retailers, wholesalers, agents / dealers, product makers / company numbers, emails, contact addresses of all countries of the world. Anyone can get their free number to contact their needs.
  • Free-book media guides publish numbers, emails, contact addresses of all media related people and media organizations (online, print, radio, television and other media) of all countries of the world. Only some media persons can access and use the user name and password of the authorized account. Not all information in the media guide is made public to avoid unpleasant events.

2. Why would merchants publish their numbers and information in the free-book?

  • The goal of every trader is to inform the consumer about the quality of his company’s product and to sell more.
  • Contact numbers, e-mails and addresses of all types of businesses, small and large, are published free of charge.
  • With free-book information open to everyone, anyone can quickly find out where the good quality goods they need are available from anywhere.
  • Consumers will be able to quickly contact the shop / dealer they need for any product purchase.
  • The merchant can accept product purchase order / order over the phone / online.
  • Consumers can pay merchandise for their product purchase online.

3. How do I get merchandise phone / order for product purchase order / order online?

  • Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Mobile banking, online banking, Free Book Bonus Points or Cash can be billed through.
  • Will be able to take the bill while the product is being delivered.
  • In case of any major transaction / high volume transaction, both parties will meet and know the job / product and complete the transaction.
  • Consumers and merchants will not bear the responsibility for the Free-Book in any way. The free-book only establishes a relationship between the consumer and the merchant.

4. Various e-commerce sites are already offering online buying / selling services, so why should consumers avail free-book service?

  • An e-commerce site is the name of an online shop. Free-book is a name among billions of online and offline shops, various service providers and merchants.
  • E-commerce sites sell their imported products or store goods online at a specific location and deliver the home. Home delivery takes charge and it takes a long time to reach the product. There is no scope for product testing. In this case, consumers are most deceived.
  • Free-Book All the big and small shops and merchants of all countries of the world disseminate information. All merchants are benefiting from this and consumers are getting their goods in their hands at any time from any place. Due to the information of multiple merchants, consumers are able to buy good quality commodities by checking and subsequently getting help from the merchant in any problem which is not available on the e-commerce site.
  • Any e-commerce site will be able to disseminate their information free-book by complying with the conditions (guaranteeing quality product delivery within a short period of time without fraud).