Country Director, Australia.

Mandira Chakraborty is a careerist with an optimistic mindset. Teaching profession inspired her from childhood. And that gave her the extra push to start her career as a lecturer. Later she joined as a marketing officer in an export import company and moved to Africa. She was promoted and was sent to UAE. She has worked extensively with regular NGOs from time to time in order to serve and to stand beside underprivileged children and people.

Not only in her career but also on the cultural side, she has achieved glory. She is a successful recitation and extempore artist. She received many accolades and awards in recitation and extempore. Her father is an ideal for her. He served in the police service. His solved cases inspired her to fight against odd and challenges. Her mother teaches her to be calm and timid. She loves to read storybooks. Listening to music and singing song is her favorite hobbies. At her spare time she writes short stories.

She joined July 2019 as a State Director, India. But the starvation of being a successful working person and the indomitable desire for her work made achieve the position of country director in Australia.

She holds her bachelor's degree in Humanities from Calcutta University. She attended many business summit in the Management Institution and she has also served as a career counsellor in a renowned Institute.